I have worked with clay most of my life. I was six when my aunt gave me my first piece of clay and it was love at first touch. My works deals with my dreams, fantasies, and the legends and stories of my childhood. I enjoy telling stories about the world I inhabit. Things that go bump in the night, Asian fairy tales, Celtic legends and of course cats wind their way through my work, imbuing these sculptures with whimsy and joy. Making these sculptures brings me much joy and gladness – thinking hands to heart.  I create these wonderful characters each one a new chapter or a new part of my story. Many of the pieces are recreations of those close to me, my great grandmother, my cat Bear, birds that roost nearby etc. some having tea, some just caught in the act of playing, each part of the daily and nightly life we often don’t have time to pay attention to. Poetry often inspires images that soon become pieces, which in turn have poems carved into them. My pieces are my children and I send them out into the world to bring laughter and warmth into the lives of others.





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